The selection of the paddles plays a very important role when playing on the courts. This is because the type of paddle racket you use will greatly influence the speed, strength and accuracy of your shots.

If your style of play is focused on the use of effects with the ball, you should definitely take into account that you need the best paddle paddle blades rough. That’s why here we will talk to you about which are the best rough paddle rackets available on the market today.

What are rough padel rackets?

The name rough paddle blades comes from the fact that the faces of the paddle have a honeycomb construction. The 3D shapes create a surface which makes it much easier to hit with spin.

The shape of the finish of the rough paddle paddle blades is what makes these paddle blades a bit rebellious. This means that you often have to learn to control the effects in order not to lose precision.

Nox Rough Rackets

  • Nox AT10 18k and 12k

Inspired by the 10K models created by Agustín Tapia, this line of paddles seeks to emulate the results of the previous models. Here, we have sought to create a structure on each of the faces to give better effects while controlling precision and strength.

The main feature is in the way in which it was possible to mix the rubber mold of the predecessors with the carbon fiber structures of Nox AT10 rough paddle blades models both 18K and 12K. This created a lighter racket, but with the solidity that characterized these models.

We also have the introduction of improvements such as a frame created to give much greater strength and resistance. The safety cord of this racket is designed to prevent the racket from slipping out of your hands when you are playing.

Adidas Rough Rackets

  • Adidas Adipower Crtl 3.1 and Adipower 3.1

Another of the brands that have come to stand out are the Adidas Adipower Crt 3.1 and Adipower 3.1 paddle paddle blades. And as we already know, Adidas is considered as a guarantee brand as far as paddle rackets are concerned.

In both Adidas models we have 3D surfaces on both sides, which allows for better control of the ball, but at the same time, projecting excellent effects. To achieve this, carbon fibers were combined with high-capacity EVA foam.

The brands of these two models of Adidas paddles stand out, in addition, for incorporating carbon fibers and aluminum in its frame giving you strength. This gives the racket enough weight to project the ball with more force, which is essential for it to come out with better spin.

Bullpadel Rough Rackets

  • Bullpadel Vertex 03

For professional players, the Bullpadel Vertex 03 is one of the best options to consider. This is because it has everything a professional player looks for such as a diamond shape to give you maximum power on every shot.

Another feature is that this is another of the rough paddle blades that focus on spin, but also on giving you good control and power. That is why we can say that it is a very complete racket because it has everything you need in one place.

Its manufacture in high quality materials such as carbon fiber and high density EVA rubber offer a great playing experience. To top it off, the weight of it is very good and pleasant in the hand giving you solidity, but agility.

  • Bullpadel Vertex Ctr 03

Considered as the masterpiece in terms of blades, the Bullpadel Vertex Ctr 03 incorporates the latest technology of the brand. That is why it is considered one of the best rough paddle rackets for experienced or professional players.

Made of carbon fiber and high density EVA rubber, its rough texture allows for more pronounced effects. Another of its characteristics is found in its Air React Channel system technology, which allows better control of the air output to project the ball at a much higher speed and with better control.

Another point to take into account about this racket is that it has the CustomWeight system, which is considered one of the best advantages of the brand. This is because through this system you can change the balance of the racket to feel more comfortable with it.

Starvie Rough Rackets

  • Starvie Metheora

The Starvie Metheora’s star-shaped flat is designed to give people the feel of a soft rubber paddle, but with the stiffness and spin that only the rough sides of the paddle can give you.

Made of 100% carbon, this racket has a great advantage: it is very light and resistant, which is a great advantage. It won’t be heavy on your hands or more demanding, plus it gives you more projection power while putting spin on the ball.

The Full Plane Effect technology of this racket helps to have much more pronounced, but at the same time, more precise effects. This makes it one of the best rugged paddle blades because the rough shape is specially designed to give you good performance, exclusively for professional players.

  • Starvie Raptor

Considered as a hybrid racket because of the technology it incorporates, this racket is one of the best models we find in Starvie. This is because it combines very well the use of rubber, carbon fiber in planes and structure.

Inside the round shape of the blade we have an Eva rubber of the Soft V30 type which, despite being soft, is also usually hard when combined with the carbon fiber planes used in the blade. This, in combination with the rough surface allows the rubber to perform incredibly well.

As in the previous Starvie model, here we highlight the fact of having the Full Plane Effect rough technology, which gives a greater projection force with excellent effects. In addition, being made entirely of carbon, the blade itself is very light, but it is also very resistant.

  • Starvie Astrum

Considered as another of the brand’s flagship padel racquets, this option stands out for having a rough system with Full Plane Effect technology. The rough and flat shape allows for good control, excellent power projection and, above all, spin.

The inside of the round-shaped blade has EVA rubber of good density, but soft. This Soft V3 rubber, together with carbon fiber planes, allows the soft rubber to harden on contact with the ball, thus improving control and strength.

The construction of this racket, like others of the brand, is entirely in carbon fiber which helps to give lightness and strength. As for the heart of the blade, it allows a better balance which helps to better control the blade and have a greater projection force.

Why consider using rough rackets?

The rough paddle blades stand out for their ability to create effects when projecting the ball, this means that it can take some coverage and thus surprise opponents and therefore improve your win rate.

This is why professional players often consider rough paddle blades as an option when looking for a game of surprises. In addition, this kind of paddle is very good when players are looking for paddle styles more focused on the placement of the ball than on its strength.

In addition, you should consider that many of these paddles are not only focused on spin but also give us a good balance. Some of them give you effects such as the opportunity to have much more precise shots or greater projection force.

5 points to take into account when looking for rough paddle blades

  • Rough surface

The first thing to keep in mind when you are looking for rough paddle blades is the rough surface itself. This is because there is no point in looking for a rough blade if it will not perform as expected.

So it is important that you look at the surface of the paddle and how pronounced the rough side of the paddle is, as this will influence the effect of the ball and the stroke itself.

  • Rubber

Another fundamental point to take into account is the rubber inside the blade. This is because the rubber has a lot to do with both strength and ball control.

As you could see in some models of rough paddle blades, the rubber can vary its hardness depending on the rough surface on it. That is why you must take into account what type of rubber it has and its density, if it is soft, if it is high density, etc.

  • Form

Shape has a lot to do with ball control and style of play. Paddle blade shapes such as diamond paddle blades allow for greater aggressiveness while a round paddle blade can give you much more precise control over the ball.

So it is important to consider the shape as a point that will influence your game. Hand in hand with this, it is important that you value the shape with the characteristics of the blade because some rough blades do much better with a certain type of shape than other models.

  • Weight

Weight is another factor to consider, especially when you are a beginner. This is because the heavier a paddle is, the more challenging it will be to control it, to receive the impact of the ball and above all, to prevent it from flying away by using too much force.

So if you are not that experienced, it is worth considering the weight of it so that you can have a better gaming experience. Generally, the best and lightest blades are usually made of materials such as carbon fiber.

  • Materials

The last thing we recommend to take into account is the manufacturing materials of the paddle blades. This is because today there are paddle blades of all types, from those made with aluminum and carbon fiber to those that use only carbon fiber.

So it is important to keep this point in mind to make sure you find the best paddle paddle blades rough. Similarly, the cost of the blade has a lot to do with the materials used to manufacture them, since carbon is usually the best, but also the most expensive.

Which one do I choose?

Choosing the best rough paddle rackets can be a bit complex, as you don’t know what the racket really feels like until you use it. That is why it is very important to know everything about this shovel.

So to find the best rough paddle rackets it is important to review what are the opinions of users and experts as far as paddle rackets are concerned. This will help make choosing the right paddle paddle blades for you much safer.

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