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There are few options of paddle distributors and we, Pádel5, are one of them. We started in 2012, we already have more than 10 years of experience.

Thanks to our conditions, you can access a large number of paddle rackets at the best price and with little investment.

We have franchises in a large number of countries and many years in the market. Here you will get real favorable conditions with competitive prices and few requirements when ordering from us. This way, you will have the best paddle rackets of the leading brands without having to complicate your life!

All Paddle Tennis Equipment Wholesale

What do we offer? One of the best catalogs of paddle products, as well as the quality, safety and confidence that thousands of customers around the world give us.

We have all the paddle material wholesale: paddle rackets, balls, paddle racks, shoes, accessories, etc.

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Do you have a paddle store or a club? Need material? We can help you.

Some of Our Franchisees

X3 Paddle


Address: Calle Miguel de Cervantes, 1

29730, Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga)


Spazio Padel


Address: Via delle Nespole, 116

00172, Rome


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joy padel logo

Joy Padel Shop


Address: Via Toscanini, 10

89013, Reggio (Cantabria)