When we play paddle tennis, there are different factors that influence our performance and our experience. From the paddle court or our skills to the type of racket we are using and our stroke technique are points that have a lot to do.

Inside the padel racket, there is a factor that few people take into account, but that professionals recommend to consider and that is how much a padel racket weighs. That is why here we will tell you what is the average weight of a paddle racket, its variations and what influences it.

How much does a racket weigh?

The weight of a paddle racket varies depending on the model and the specifications of each manufacturer. However, in general, paddle blades have an average weight range of between 350 and 400 grams.

In addition, paddle blades are divided into two categories according to their weight: light and heavy. Light paddles weigh between 350 and 370 grams, while heavy paddles weigh between 380 and 400 grams. It all depends on the materials used in its manufacture and also, on the tastes of the player himself.

What does the weight of the padel racket depend on?

When answering the question How much does a paddle racket weigh? The following factors must be taken into account:

Materials: The type of material used in the construction of a paddle racket can influence its weight. For example, paddle blades made of lightweight materials such as carbon are lighter than blades made of heavier materials such as aluminum.

Design: The design of a paddle racket can also influence its weight. For example, a shovel with a larger frame or with more additional materials may be heavier than a shovel with a smaller frame or with fewer materials.

Size: The size of a paddle racket can also influence its weight. Larger blades tend to be heavier than smaller blades because they have more material in their construction.

Level of play: The player’s level of play can also influence the weight of the paddle racket chosen, as lighter racquets are easier to handle and provide greater control of the stroke, while heavier racquets provide greater power in the strokes and are perfect for a more aggressive style of play.

Weight of padel rackets for men

Similarly, to know the weight of a paddle racket for men, you must take into account that the weight of a paddle racket for women is not the same as the weight of a paddle racket for men. This is due to a man’s anatomy which is more muscular and resistant.

The weight of a men’s paddle racket may vary depending on the model and manufacturer’s specifications. The average is 370 to 400 grams.

Weight of padel rackets for women

Due to the anatomical conditions of a woman, the weight of a woman’s paddle racket is lower. This is because special features are used to make them more compact and female-friendly.

According to manufacturers’ information, the average weight of paddle blades for women is 350 to 375 grams, with both light blades and much more robust blades. In general, the weight of a women’s paddle racket will depend on the characteristics of the racket and its model.

How to choose the padel racket with the perfect weight?

Now that you know approximately how much a paddle racket weighs, you should analyze the following factors before choosing one:

  • Anatomy

The first thing to keep in mind is that there are different weights depending on the anatomy of each person. The weight of a woman’s paddle racket is different from the weight of a man’s paddle racket.

Depending on the strength of the person, the weight of the shovel can be chosen. If you are a strong player you can opt for a heavy racket, on the other hand, if you are compact, you can opt for a light racket.

  • Marco

Another factor to be taken into account is the blade frame. There are frames that are much lighter, such as those made from carbon fibers, while aluminum frames are usually much heavier.

So when you ask yourself how much does a paddle racket weigh? It is important to take into account the weight of the frame, as well as the materials of manufacture to know how much they weigh. When looking for a lightweight paddle, it is best to start with a lightweight frame rather than a heavy one.

  • Materials of construction

Along with the frame, another factor to consider when evaluating the weight of a women’s padel racket and the weight of a men’s padel racket are the materials. Aluminum weighs more than fiberglass while carbon fiber weighs less than glass.

Similarly, according to experts, the thicker the rubber, the more weight it will add. Another point to keep in mind is that the more accessories you add, the greater the weight, for example, the more straps you have or the more ergonomic coating, the more weight.

  • Manufacturer

Finally, another important factor when wondering how much does a paddle racket weigh? It is the manufacturer. This is because there are manufacturers who put much more effort in making the blades lighter than others or in using high-tech materials. You should also know that there are models that are lighter than others, and these are generally the most expensive. So before buying a paddle racket read what is the weight of a paddle racket for women or the weight of a paddle racket for men and compare different models.

After knowing what weight of shovel is right for you, you may be interested in visiting our Blog, we have many articles on what type of shovel to choose.

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