A frequently asked question when you are starting to play paddle tennis is how long a paddle tennis match lasts. Here we will tell you everything you need to know to estimate the duration of an average padel match.

Factors that affect the duration of a padel match

Padel matches are generally played to the best of 3 sets, that is to say, the one who has won 2 sets, wins. Each set consists of 6 games, here, you must win at least 6 games. Except when they go 5-5 in games, then the winner is the one who gets an advantage of 2 more games.

Each game has an average duration of 5 minutes and if we play 6 games, a set could last 30 minutes. Now, if we consider that the match is played in 3 sets, how long a padel match lasts can reach 90 minutes.

So the duration of a game of paddle we can place it in an hour and a half, 90 minutes, although this can be extended up to 2 hours. All this, of course, will depend on the speed with which each set is played because if these are prolonged or shortened, the duration of a paddle match will be modified.

What influences how long a padel match lasts?

The first thing you should know is that the length of a paddle match varies depending on multiple factors such as:

  • The level of the players (beginners, intermediate or expert).
  • If played in singles or doubles.
  • The speed of the game.
  • The style of play, whether it is more defensive, offensive, etc.
  • Track conditions.
  • The equipment you play with.

Another point to take into account is the fact that how long a padel match lasts can influence whether adults or children are playing. Generally, young adults play faster than children or older adults.

Padel experts also agree that the duration of a padel match should include two extra moments. The first is the warm-up prior to the paddle match and the second is the breaks between games or sets, which will depend on the players.

So in summary, if you are asked how long a paddle tennis match lasts you can say to book at least 2 hours to 2 hours and a half, as the duration of a paddle tennis match ranges from an hour and a half to 2 hours. To this, we must add warm-up, breaks and the post-match! And we haven’t counted the time it takes you to get to and from the paddle club either.

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